Terms and Conditions

This agreement is between Eight20Eight, LLC doing business as MinistryFlix.com ("MinistryFlix.com," "us," "we") and the person or entity downloading this content ("User," "you").
  1. STANDARD TERM. Your downloaded media can be used whenever and wherever you choose to use it for the Permitted Uses described in this Agreement, throughout the entire universe, and for all of eternity, except if we determine that the downloaded media must be withdrawn for good reason, for instance, a legal issue has occurred, in which case we'll offer you a replacement at no charge or a refund. This permission is not transferable, however, and is only granted to you, the "USER", and, of course, any church or local chapter of an organization you may have purchased it on behalf of.
  2. PERMITTED USES. You can use this content however you see fit to further the Kingdom of God so long as a) you've purchased and downloaded a legal copy; b) you don't charge admission to the viewing audience; and c) don't share the content outside your church or organization (or local chapter of a national organization).
  3. RESTRICTIONS. You can't resell the media. Once you purchase it, it's yours to keep or trash. You can't use it then resell it to your buddy at another church the way we all sell our used CDs on ebay. You can't put it on youtube, you can't edit it into any other project you may be working on, you can't post it to your own website, and you can't show it in a televised program, unless it's incidentally included in a locally televised worship service, for instance the media is playing on a big screen in a church or auditorium when the camera pans across the room. But the media can't be used on television by itself or featured out of the context of the meeting or service.
  4. INTENDED USE. The mini-movies and countdowns are to be shown in their entirety to your non-paying audience or congregation. The motion loops and stills are intended to be shown to a public audience in any way you see fit. You may insert your own text on top of the motion loops.
  5. REFUND POLICY. If we can't resolve an issue within 24 hours, we'll refund your money. Otherwise, all sales are final.
  6. SALES TAX. We will only charge sales tax in states where digital goods are taxable. You will be charged a sales tax based on the bill-to address and the sales tax rate in effect at the time your transaction is completed. If you are exempt from sales-tax, let us know and we'll adjust your account accordingly.
  7. PRICING. Prices may change from time to time. We do not offer price protection or refunds in the event of a price drop or promotional sale.
  8. INDEMNITY. User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless both Eight20Eight and MinistryFlix.com, its officers, and the individual content producers, from any claim or demand, including attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of content submitted, posted, transmitted or made available by user in any form, including the improper usage of our products or services. But this won't likely ever happen if you just follow rules 2-4.
  9. THIS AGREEMENT. We reserve the right to alter or amend this agreement from time to time. We encourage you to review this agreement from time to time for modifications.
    1. Except for the warranties expressly set forth in this agreement, MinistryFlix.com disclaims all other warranties, either express or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, other than those warranties implied by and incapable of exclusion, restriction or modification under applicable law.
    2. User's remedies in the event of a breach by MinistryFlix.com will be limited to an action at law to recover monetary damages in an amount not to exceed the amount of license fees paid by User to MinistryFlix.com, and in no event will User be entitled, and User hereby waives any and all right, to injunctive or other equitable relief in connection herewith.
    3. This Agreement is entered into and wholly performed in Los Angeles County, California and the internal laws of California govern this Agreement. The parties agree to use good faith efforts to informally mediate any disputes hereunder with the purpose of reaching a just, equitable and mutually acceptable resolution. However if the parties are not able to so informally resolve their differences, the courts in Los Angeles County, California will have sole jurisdiction and venue, and the prevailing party will be entitled to reasonable attorneys' fees and hearing costs. This Agreement supersedes all prior representations, negotiations, promises, understandings or agreements, whether oral or written, sets forth the entire binding agreement of the parties regarding its subject matter, and can only be amended or modified by a subsequent agreement in writing signed by the parties.