Dave Wilkins
Dave (AKA “Dev”) is one of the designer-artist type guys at Floodgate. He is married to his wife Candice for 11 years now. They have a son, Luke (5), a daughter, Danielle (3), and another son, Grant (1). Previously, Dave served as an Art Director in the advertising department for a national retail chain and was the Creative Director for a local retailer. Dave also plays the drums and has been involved in various worship settings.
Gary Molander
Gary has been married to Angela since 1989, and is the proud father of three girls: Lindsey, Allison, and Sydney. Gary served as a Pastor for 17 years in the local church, and is committed to the pursuit of God through the use of media, music, and the creative arts.
Jason Rowe
Jason is a worship leader, web designer, video producer, and print designer. He provides much of the humor around the Floodgate offices. Jason worked as the Media Director at a local church, prior to joining as a partner at Floodgate.
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