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Digging Deep
Posted by eleven72
March 6, 2009 10:32 pm
I sit here in my nice office. Typing. Drinking coffee. Thinking of how to be clever for this blog. Comfy. I love my life and I'm joyful about where God has me at this moment.

But something has been stirring deep inside of me for the last couple of years and it's not going away. It's called the Gospel. Yes. The Good News. You probably say "whoa. big shocker. some Christian is talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ again. There's news." Yes. It is true. It may be cliche. But I have never experienced it this intensely in my life. For the last few years as I've really pressed into God, He has been moving me towards His global mission. A mission that has little to do with me and much to do with Him. He calls me to share the good news of Jesus (Matthew 28:18). He says all nations. He says its because of the Authority given to Him. He says GO. So I'm going.

Where exactly? In prayer is where I go. Then I let Him direct me as to what next. So right now, I'm "going" to a high school to volunteer so that the kids can get a better education from the over worked, underpaid teaching staff. The Texas Education Agency is trying to shut down this high school forever and I find this highly unacceptable. The test scores aren't good enough they say and so these lower income kids are going to be scattered (most of whom will not finish high school) through out the city.

Right now, I'm going to a recovery group and leading men who suffer from addiction to anything you can think of. Drugs. Alcohol. Porn. Pride. Anger. Fear. Hate. I'm walking them through the 12 Steps to lead them to an incredible walk with Christ. I've been addicted to it all, so I'm "qualified" to walk with them.

Right now, I'm raising money to dig a well in El Salvador for a community that doesn't have water. WATER. They DON'T HAVE WATER. Ridiculous. Absolutely unacceptable. I've got to raise all the money to go, but I'm going somehow.

Am I awesome for doing this? No. Only God is awesome (it never calls a human "awesome" in the Bible. Only God). Am I to be praised for these small actions? No. Only God is to be praised. What SHOULD happen is a reflective bounce of glory. You see me (or my actions) then you are immediately pointed to Christ. I truly hope that is happening.

People need help. People need water. People need love. People need Jesus. I'm going to take it to action at a time.