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The Current State of our Ministries
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January 13, 2009 8:29 pm
The producers on this site want to thank you for your continued support of our respective ministries and take an opportunity to tell you about something that’s close to our heart. Something we feel strongly that you should know about, because after all, you can help us affect a positive change that will benefit all of us.

In April 2008, a group of twenty or so of the top selling producers of quality Christian media flew to Los Angeles for a 2 day summit. We did this because we were (and still are) struggling to keep our ministries in business. We felt that we needed to gather in person with each other to talk about the issues that were hurting both producers and worship leaders and pastors.

On the producer side of things, many of us were not making ends meet on a monthly basis, and many of us had to simply reduce the amount of films we could afford to make.

This crisis came about for two main reasons. One, the leading distribution sites keep a large portion of every sale, and two, the market is over saturated, and the growth of new customers has leveled off.

The magnitude of content that is finding it’s way onto some of the larger sites is problematic for all us – and much of it does not meet the technical standards or quality that we as Christians should be pleased with. It creates, in a sense, a clutter, that you the buyer has to navigate. That takes time.

In December 2007, 52 producers were responsible for creating the top 500 films on one large distribution site, yet that site sells the content of over 800 producers. That results in thousands and thousands of films that you have to weed through to find what you need. And when sites like that have search engines that don't work well, the end result is quality media being buried in all the clutter.

In this Christian “market” many things are unbalanced, and it’s the producers of the great content that are in danger of extinction.

We as a collective group of producers of quality content value you as a customer, and we need for you to continue to support us. Some of us have our own sites, and we appreciate when you buy from us directly. That's where we retain the largest percentage of each sale. But we also realize that we can’t possibly be everything for everybody, and we know that often you may have to shop elsewhere to find what you need. is one of the great results of our producer summit in April, and it is the collective brainchild of many of us. It incorporates state-of-the-art technology and search engines that allow you to browse and search with a user friendly ease, and you’ll find what you want fast.

The site is the first distribution site to offer HD content, $1.99 downloads of many films for iPod or other personal (and small group) use. And as of today, there are less than 30 of the top producers selling content on the site, so you won't have to navigate the clutter.

And lastly, this site gives the producers a revenue share of 70%-80% -- the second highest only to our own respective sites --which is in our opinion balanced and fair. It’s a win/win site for everyone.

Please support us by buying directly from us on our own sites, or buying from, where we as producers get the largest percentage of each sale.

We each have our own producer pages here that you can access from anywhere on the site by simply clicking our production company name. On that page you'll find info about us, a contact form that sends us emails directly, and many of us have links to our facebooks and twitter accounts.

Please visit our pages, 'friend' us, get to know us, send us an email with any suggestions, comments or feedback – we love to hear what you like and don’t like, and especially what you need but can’t find anywhere.

Thank you for supporting us, and God Bless!