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2 Little Shoes
Posted by Organic Videos
June 8, 2009 4:10 pm
Organic Videos has started something we call the Beltline Bike Shop. When you purchase Organic Videos you help to support our efforts here in SW Atlanta. Here is what we do followed by one of our stories. Beltline Bikeshop currently operates out of Tim and Becky’s home. Tim works in SW Atlanta where adolescents are at the greatest risk of failing to make successful transitions to adulthood. We work with kids age 6-18 by building relationships with them and their parent(s) through The Beltline Bike Shop. Our goal is to keep kids busy with work and play in order to eliminate their down time while building strong relationships, using bikes to build their educational and social skills.

Here what happened:
I am not getting much done today. There was another knock at the door so I took a deep breath and got up again to see what the pressing issue would be this time. (Usually the kids just want to say hello about 100 times and I do have to create an income) I opened the door and nobody was there I turned to go back inside and saw 2 little feet sticking out of our gold porch chair. I made my way over to see Dj, one of the little guys sitting there crying. What’s up Dj? The other guy keeps picking on me and wanting me to fight, his big brown eyes filled and overflowing with tears. Don’t worry I told him I will take care of it. We talked for a few and as the salty tears became lines dried on his cheeks. We enjoyed the freeze pop as we talked about the neighborhood and summer plans. For some reason fighting is the only outdoor activity kids seem to do around here. I had to go confront the other boy so I went and beat the crap out of the kid bothering him…..(Joking) Sometimes I want to. I had to go and talk with the other kid and ask him to stop, he did and we have had peace for the past few weeks with the boys. One great thing we are beginning to notice that when kids are in trouble or something bad is happening in the hood they are knocking on our door as we believe this is a place they feel safe and listened to. That is why they can knock on our door anytime they need to.

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